A Leader in Rural Business Development, Financing and Investment, and Policy

Good Jobs

Good jobs provide economic stability for families, improve the financial performance of companies, and strengthen local communities. Through our investments, advising, and workforce development expertise, CEI works with employers to implement strategies to grow good jobs and improve the quality of existing jobs.

Our Impact

Helped to create or retain 39,970 full-time jobs

Environmentally Sustainable Enterprises

The changing climate disproportionately impacts people with low incomes. We focus financing and advising to expand renewable energy, energy efficiency, and green businesses that are reducing carbon emissions and creating jobs in rural regions and small gateway cities undergoing economic transitions.

Our Impact

Shared Prosperity

Economic growth and the creation of jobs are the building blocks of an economy that works for everyone. Yet, growth alone is insufficient to confront rising levels of inequality and reduced economic mobility, particularly in rural America. CEI increases more broadly shared prosperity by improving access to capital, skills, information, and opportunity, particularly for people with low incomes.

Our Impact