Forward-Thinking Investment in Historic Maine Properties

What We’re About

30 Federal Street Investments (30FSI) increases access to affordable housing, helps communities revitalize downtowns, and supports local businesses and job creation though the restoration and revitalization of historic Maine properties.

Preserving the Past, Looking to the Future

Maine is a unique and wonderful place, with a rich history and deep-rooted sense of place: historic buildings, including mills, schools, fellowship halls, storefronts and more are vital to the identities of the places we call home. 30 FSI partners with community-centered developers to restore and update these properties to they can meet current needs and continue to serve future generations.

Maine Historic Tax Credits Experts

The Maine State Rehabiliation Tax Credit and Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive programs are a great way to make the cost of historic preservation feasible, but from QREs to NPS forms, understanding the paperwork and requirements of the programs can feel daunting. Whether you’re an established developer or a local community group, we can help you navigate the ins-and-out of historic incentives to maximize your investment.


Looking to revitalize a historic property in Maine? We want to hear from you!