Flexible, Accessible Financing Across the Business Life Cycle

CEI and its subsidiaries offer business and project financing for a wide range of purposes including working capital, equipment purchases, facilities expansion, construction, and mixed use and affordable housing real estate development. 

Since its first major investment in 1979 in a value-added, community-owned fish processing facility in midcoast Maine, CEI has provided $1.39 billion to 2,831 businesses, natural resource industries, community facilities, and affordable housing in Maine, the Northeast, and throughout rural America, leveraging over $2.82 billion in high impact,  sustainable economic development projects and enterprises. 

CEI is committed to serving people and communities unable to access financing from traditional sources–and we don’t stop there. Our lenders, investors, business and workforce advisors, and food system experts lend their expertise, connections, and hands-on support, whatever it takes to make sure you succeed.