Business Advising

CEI offers a wide range of assistance to emerging and existing small business owners. Through one-on-one consultation, training, workshops, seminars, peer networks and other services, CEI helps individuals across the state get the information they need to start or expand their small businesses. One-on-one business consultation is tailored to meet the needs of the business owner; training and workshops are offered on a range of business issues.

In addition to providing general business assistance, CEI has programs targeted to women; marine-related businesses; farms; child care providers; and refugees and immigrants. CEI also offers training to businesses on Internet/website development.

One-on-One Business ADVISING

Quality business assistance is important to any business owner. At CEI, we provide targeted support to many sectors in Maine, along with general business assistance for any small business in the state. To keep you and your business in touch with the information age, we also offer website and e-commerce workshops.

General business advising is provided by our Maine Small Business Development Centers located throughout the state, as well as targeted programs for:

Training Programs

The Maine SBDC at CEI and the Women’s Business Center at CEI offer training seminars and conferences on business-related topics. Training events are held at key locations around the state, as well as in online formats; minimal fees are sometimes charged. Programs are geared to local and regional needs as well as to fundamental business subjects, and financial aid is offered to those who qualify.