Good Jobs

We are building an economy that lifts all people

Building good jobs goes beyond just creating more jobs.

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Good jobs are jobs that provide economic stability, a workplace that treats you with respect and opportunities to advance your career and build wealth.

Good jobs mean improved financial performance for businesses; greater resilience for employees and their families; and stronger local communities. It’s a win-win-win.

We’re investing in and working with employers who are committed to their employees. It’s public policies that encourage job-quality initiatives. It’s redefining the image of the successful employer from one who competes by minimizing labor costs, to one who prospers by lifting up employees as valuable assets.

We have developed the CEI Good Jobs Framework, a seven-part benchmark, that we use to inform our investment decisions, advise employers and direct policy priorities.

The CEI Good Jobs Framework consists of three key features:

  • A Living Wage for the business’s location, as defined by the MIT Living Wage Calculator for a Single Adult.
  • Basic Benefits, including:
    • Paid time off,
    • Support for employee’s health and well-being, and
    • Retirement or wealth-building opportunities, including stock options or employee-ownership.
  • A Fair and Engaging Workplace that includes
    • Schedule notice at least two-weeks in advance,
    • Opportunities to earn a wage increase based on performance and
    • Opportunities to learn new skills that position a worker for a promotion or wage increase.

Our Workforce Solutions Team works directly with businesses financed by CEI and our subsidiaries to review their Human Resources policies and practices to increase job quality and implement more equitable and inclusive hiring practices. We work closely with management to determine the best options for your company’s size, budget and retention goals.

Check out our small business resources or upcoming workshops for information to help you improve your companies’ job quality or reach out to learn how financing from CEI can help you reach your good job goals.

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