Real Estate & Community Facilities

CEI creates sustainable real estate development and affordable housing opportunities for the people of Maine through new construction and rehabilitation of existing properties. CEI is both a developer of and a lender to commercial real estate and affordable housing projects, multi-family and supportive housing. CEI has directly created or preserved 1,587 housing units, including multi-family, homeownership and supportive housing. The vast majority, 96%, are affordable units.

CEI’s affordable housing activities are as follows:

  1. Development: high-mission, high-return affordable real estate development, with a focus on Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and rental preservation projects.
  2. Lending: provision of bridge loans, construction and predevelopment lending to other nonprofit and for-profit developers of affordable housing.
  3. Credit investment: CEI invests in the restoration and rehabilitation of historic properties that align with mission by purchasing the available State Historic Rehab Credit from developers.
  4. Technical Assistance in the form of fee-for-service planning to municipalities and small nonprofits or housing groups.
  5. Asset Management: stewardship of a 240+ portfolio of rental units, focusing on housing that is affordable and be sustainable.

CEI offers a variety of housing loans and finance solutions for buyers and developers of properties serving low and moderate-income people; such as:

  • Short-Term 1st Position Loans
  • Subordinated Debt
  • Bridge Loans for Property Acquisition
  • Predevelopment Loans
  • Construction Loans

For more information on these products, contact John Egan at 207-504-5869. A loan application form can be downloaded here.