Child Care Business Lab: Get Licensed

Laying the Foundation for Great Child Care Businesses

The Child Care Business Lab Get Licensed program gives you the tools you need to open your doors, from your child care license to business skills.

Kids are my passion. Child care is in my DNA. I’m ready to create a business plan & get my child care license.

If this sounds like, you, congratulations! Once you complete the Child Care Business Lab Explore program, you’ll be ready to Get Licensed.

Our Child Care Business Lab Get Licensed program teaches you all that you need to know about small business start-ups. You will:

  • Write your own business plan
  • Create a 3-year cash flow forecast
  • Hear a variety of perspectives about children’s activities & curriculum
  • Learn hiring secrets
  • Get tips about how to enroll children while working with the State’s Child Care Affordability Program
  • Share ideas with others about family & employee policies
  • Get help to find start-up funding
  • Be coached through the licensing & fire marshall inspection processes

Sound scary? It’s not ….

We’ve created templates & fill-in-the-blank forms that will help you translate your passion for children into words & numbers that lenders, loan officers & other business leaders understand.

We make it easy for you to follow your dream & start your child care business.

Learning With and From Your Peers

The Child Care Business Lab Get Licensed program is cohort-based so you are learning alongside others with similar dreams and facing similar challenges. We have two groups:  one focused on family child care and the other for those interested in opening a facility outside their home. You’ll get just as many great ideas from your colleagues in the program as you do from the experts we bring in to teach each workshop. In addition, you will work one-on-one with a business advisor to tailor what you’ve learned in the group sessions to meet the needs of your community and your family.

Join the Child Care Business Lab

Ready to get started?  Start with our Child Care Business Lab Explore program.

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