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June 21, 2019

Calling All Women Entrepreneurs!

We’re doing some research and we need your help.
At the CEI Women’s Business Center, our mission is to help women in Maine start or grow their own businesses. We’re doing some research this summer to better understand your journey as a female entrepreneur:what’s been challenging, helpful, and unexpected?
Our goal is to interview a wide variety of female-identifying entrepreneurs between now and July 25th. The interviews are approximately one hour long, and can happen in-person, on the phone, or as a video call. Your participation will help us craft our program offerings as we move forward, so that we can improve our work and our impact. We  know you are a valuable member of our entrepreneurial community, and hope you’ll sign up for an interview, or refer someone who might be a good fit.
You can schedule online for a phone or Skype interviewemail us or call Andrea to set up a convenient time at (623) 363-5069.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements for participation? 

Just two. You must own a business in Maine and you must identify as female.

Do I need to be a Women’s Business Center client to participate?

No!  In fact, we’re hoping to speak to women we’ve worked with, and women who haven’t been WBC clients. 

Why are you doing this? 

We’re doing some market research, much like we’d advise our clients to do! We are lucky to work with so many entrepreneurial women but haven’t conducted any academic research about needs and barriers in quite some time. National studies continue to indicate challenges that are unique to female entrepreneurs, but we want to know what is unique to Maine.

Who will be conducting the interviews? We have a fantastic intern from Bates College, Andrea Aguilera, who is conducting the interviews. Andrea is a rising junior with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy.

Is this confidential?  Yes. We will aggregate experiences and disguise any identifying quotes or stories as we present our findings. 

How do I participate?  You can schedule online for a phone or Skype interview,  email us or call Andrea to set up a convenient time (623) 363-5069.

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