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May 22, 2019

Maine Tastemakers at the Boston Public Market on June 7

Taste specialty foods and beverages from Maine and learn about the companies who are producing these premium products.

On Friday, June 7, from 11am to 4pm, come to the KITCHEN at the Boston Public Market for curated food tastings and food demos on the hour beginning at noon.

This event is open to the public.

Maine Food & Beverage Businesses

American UnagiAtlantic Sea FarmsBlue Ox Malthouse, Maine Cap n’ Stem Mushroom Co.Common Wealth Poultry Co.Crooked Face CreameryGlidden Point Oysters, Heiwa TofuThe Maine Crisp Co.Maine GrainsMousam Valley MushroomsNorth Spore, Thirty Acre Farm

image of Kingfield Kinder Care

Kingfield Kinder Care

"When Jackie Lobdell’s children were young, she couldn’t find daycare fitting the hours she needed. The nearby child care was closed Fridays and…"

image of Taylor Tots

Taylor Tots

"Miranda Taylor turned her experience as an Ed Tech III/School-Based Behavioral Health Professional into Child Care entrepreneurship - creating a commute-free job for…"

image of Maine Ocean Farms 

Maine Ocean Farms 

"The oysters produced by Maine Ocean Farms are regarded as some of the best on the East Coast and are served across Maine…"