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October 30, 2018

Energy Pathway for Maine: Guiding principles to move us forward

CEI is joining a diverse array of partners that believe that there is an opportunity for Maine to lead in the clean energy economy. Because we are so close to our environment, Mainers see the impacts of a changing climate in their everyday lives. Committing to a clean energy future not only gives us something we can do in our communities to benefit the environment, it also opens the door to new jobs and investment at a time when many rural communities are undergoing tough economic transitions.

In order to tap this opportunity, we need to work together to support policies that allow businesses and communities to plan for and access clean energy technologies, workforce training, and infrastructure development. These policies must benefit our more rural communities, and people and families who are struggling in our economy.

Clean energy projects and businesses are one of the fastest growing sectors in CEI’s loan portfolio, with over $11 million invested in 29 deals since 2013 (about 14% of our portfolio, representing over 270 jobs created and retained).

CEI is proud to work with and help finance companies like Pika Energy, Revision Energy, Ocean Renewable Power Company, SunDog Solar, Maine Solar Solutions, Maine Energy Performance Solutions and SunRaise. All are doing business here in Maine and creating good jobs.

We provide loans that help redevelopment projects like the Mayo Mill in Dover-Foxcroft, family businesses like Goranson Farm in Dresden, and communities like Waldoboro and Stockton Springs become energy independent and financially sustainable.

We see the potential for so much more. What’s missing are policies that can help get people to work, and scale renewable energy solutions.

The guiding principles outlined in Energy Pathway for Maine: Guiding principles to move us forward give us a place to start.

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