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June 27, 2018

Meet our Summer 2018 Interns!

Anna Barnes, Bowdoin College (2020)

“I am working with Keith Bisson, President of CEI, on an assessment of CEI’s internal environmental impact. I’m researching best practices and creating a baseline of CEI’s environmental footprint, looking at metrics such as greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste production. I will also be developing a tracking tool that allows CEI to visualize its environmental impact, set goals for improvement and benchmark its future performance against the base year. This work will help CEI reaffirm its commitment to promoting a green economy and set an example by documenting its status as an environmentally responsible organization.”


Hilary Gove, Maine Law (2019)

“I am working with Carla Dickstein, Senior Vice President of  Research and Policy Development for the summer. I am researching barriers to employment for key demographics in the state. With Maine’s aging population, making sure every Mainer has an opportunity to find meaningful work is important for Maine’s future. I am excited to learn more about labor force participation and from CEI’s dedicated staff.”




Ben McLaughlin, UMaine Orono (2019)

“I am working as a finance and accounting intern under our treasurer, Ellen Rodgers. My first major project has been to organize our notes payable information into a comprehensive database that will ultimately be much more user friendly. I have made a lot of progress this first month and have learned a lot about CEI’s operations through analyzing these legal contracts. CEI is a great place to work and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store!”


Jacob Small, Boston College, Carroll School of Management (2020)

“This summer, I am working with Laura Buxbaum, SVP of Public Policy and Resource Development, to study employer-based financial wellness programs in the State of Maine. I’ve been researching practices both within the state and nationally, and I will be interviewing a variety of companies in Maine to develop a report for CEI. I have learned a lot about CEI’s role of bringing together shared prosperity and quality jobs and look forward to building upon that for the rest of this summer!”

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