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April 30, 2018

Junora, LTD Raises Minority Stake from CEI Ventures

April 30, 2018 – Biddeford, Maine —   Junora Ltd., a startup company providing advanced metallurgical products for the global vacuum coating industry today announced it has closed on a $500,000 minority investment from CEI Ventures, Inc. (CVI).

Junora is in the design and build phase of making its own unique manufacturing equipment. In parallel the company is developing a specialized energy source needed for the manufacturing process. The CVI equity investment will help accelerate Junora’s efforts this year bringing new technology and solutions in rotary sputtering, a process used by the vacuum coating industry.

Junora founder Dean Plaisted has three decades of experience working in the field. He previously worked with CVI and its parent company CEI while CEO of another enterprise. The CVI and Junora teams are excited to be working together again.

“We look forward to another fruitful and rewarding relationship! Dean is the kind of socially minded serial entrepreneur we love to partner with,” said Nat Henshaw President of CEI Ventures.

Junora currently employs 12 and expects to grow dramatically over the next several years. Henshaw noted that Plaisted has a strong track record of creating good jobs through establishing apprenticeships, career ladders and strong benefits in the machining/fabrication profession. That has led Junora to also engage CEI’s Workforce Solutions group to help with training and recruitment for staffing skilled positions.

“I am delighted to be back in the thin films industry working with old friends CEI and CEI Ventures,” Plaisted said. “We are ambitious and optimistic for this new venture. Equity capital is critical to a fast-growing business.”

Junora is headquartered in Biddeford, Maine, once a leading center of American manufacturing. The company’s presence in the city will help in the strengthening of the local economy.

About Junora

Junora is entering the global market for the supply of rotary sputtering targets that will be used by its customers to produce products such as Low-E Glass, Displays, PV Solar Panels and Solid State Thine Film Lithium Batteries.  Junora plans to grow globally but is committed to keeping its headquarters and a sizable manufacturing operation in Maine. It has already established a satellite site with 2 employees in Arizona.

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