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June 30, 2017

Meet our Summer 2017 Interns!

Nina Davenport, Bates College (2018), Philosophy Major

“I am working with Paul Scalzone in Workforce Solutions. I am analyzing the healthcare system on both the federal and state level to better understand the needs of low-income workers and their employers, while also conducting research on the lack of employment candidates companies are facing due to the state’s aging population. The overall mission and goal of Workforce Solutions is to establish positive employment, and create new quality jobs. I am excited to be working with Paul, and thankful to CEI for this opportunity.”



Oliver Kruze, dickinson College (2018), Economics major

“I’m working with CVI under Nat Henshaw, Chandler Jones, and Thao Duong. I’ve been spending most of my time writing investment memorandums which require much due diligence and valuation. Additionally, I analyze potential and active investments, often going on site visits and meeting with management. Interning at CVI has been a great learning experience and an opportunity to do meaningful and impactful work.”



Jennie Msall, University of Massachusetts Boston (2017), MBA

“I’m working with CCML, helping to assess the community benefits generated by their New Markets Tax Credits investments. I’m looking at job creation, environmental impact, and other community enhancements, which together really show the rippling effect that one investment can have in a rural community.”



Jake Shapiro, Bates College (2018), Economics Major

“I am rotating between three separate departments: Finance, Lending, and CVI. I am excited about these opportunities as I believe they will give me a better understanding of the many ways that CEI works to create economically and environmentally healthy communities in Maine. Most recently, while working under the supervision of David Wedick, I have worked on consolidating historical financial statements and have put together a financial services product comparison. I have enjoyed my first month here at CEI and look forward to making the most of the remainder of the summer.”



Chris WIlliams, University of Southern Maine (2017), Economics major/ political science minor

“I’m working with Keith Bisson, President of CEI, to create a comprehensive manual defining key terms used within the CDFI industry—and CEI particularly—and their metrics. The goal of this project is to arrive at consistent definitions of key terms and standardize calculation techniques of core metrics so that CEI can accurately communicate the impact of its mission to grow a strong economy comprised of good jobs, environmentally sustainable enterprises, and shared prosperity in Maine and rural areas throughout the nation.”

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