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July 19, 2016

Meet Our Summer 2016 Interns!

ThomasThomas Farrin Freeman, Bowdoin College (2017), Government Major/ Sociology Minor

“This summer I have been conducting research with Carla Dickstein on the feasibility of rural immigration in Maine.  As part of my research, I have analyzed Maine’s rural economies by looking at unemployment rates, number of job vacancies, prominent industries, and regional housing data.  I am proud to have worked at CEI because I respect their commitment to encouraging rural economic development by embracing forward-thinking solutions and ideas.”

LyseLyse Henshaw, Bates College (2018), Economics Major

“I’m working with Sarah Matel and Bethany Richards in the lending department. I’m learning how CEI evaluates loan applications by examining their credit history, and evaluating their risk rating and mission rating. CEI is making a huge impact in the community by considering social impact when evaluating a potential loan. CEI is not only financing business pursuits but also considering the job creation, environmental impact, and household impact of their loans. CEI is truly focused on making the community a better place.”

Tom MastersTom Masters, University of Maine at Orono (2017), Economics Major

“I am interning under Nat Henshaw and Chandler Jones at Coastal Venture, where I am analyzing companies and corporations that could be socially, economically, and environmentally beneficial. I am learning so many different aspects of the business world that I did not know before. I feel very grateful to be a part of CEI and its impact on society in Maine and beyond.”

Seward MatelJames Seward Matel, Washington & Lee University (2019), Economics Major

“I’ve been interning with Nat Henshaw, Chandler Jones and Thao Duong at CVI since March. I am analyzing potential investments, performing due diligence and market research, crafting investment memorandums, and assisting on quarterly reports. I have enjoyed learning about the intricacies of the valuation process and term sheets, and have benefited from listening in on and participating in the different stages of negotiating a deal. In addition to my responsibilities with CVI, I am working for Ron Phillips creating a library for his books and archiving old files.”

JesseJesse Newton, Bowdoin College (2018), Math and Environmental Studies Major

“I’m working under Daniel Wallace and Gray Harris in the Food and Agriculture sector of CEI. I’m primarily involved in developing and accumulating data on a pilot ethnic food project which is assessing both the feasibility of growing new crops on local farms and the market demand for these products among Maine’s growing ethnic communities. In the brief time I’ve been at CEI, I continue to be impressed by CEI’s involvement in a multiplicity of projects, working with different clients and providing them with carefully tailored support. In this way, CEI seems to be providing a desperately needed service to otherwise struggling industries.”

LinneaLinnea Rose Patterson, Bowdoin College (2018), Biology and Environmental Studies Major/Hispanic Studies Minor

“Under the guidance of Daniel Wallace and Gray Harris, Jesse Newton and I have been splitting our time on two projects this summer. We are currently creating a marketing plan for the ethnic produce project to explore the profitability and feasibility of growing specialty produce in Maine. We are also conducting a literature review for the climate curriculum project, which aims to create a “train the trainers” program that will allow business counselors to advise their farmer clientele on climate adaptation strategies. In the four short weeks that have already flown by at CEI, I have been floored by the passionate and talented people that I get to work alongside. It is something special to be able to work on impactful projects with people who truly care about them. I am proud to be a part of the CEI team (if only for a short time).”


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