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July 27, 2015

Meet Our Summer 2015 Interns!

Ethan AndrewsEthan Andrews, Dickinson College, Economics and Philosophy Major

“I’ve been working with [CEI Data Analyst] Kevin Smith, looking at our historical loan portfolio to see the correlation between the original risk rating and the likelihood and severity of a charge-off. We are doing this to learn how to allocate loan loss reserves in our current portfolio in the most efficient way. Also, I’ve been preparing some information on our housing and tourism sector portfolios for [CEO] Ron Phillips.”

Dan BoyleDan Boyle, Bates College, Politics and American History Major

“I am interning at CEI Ventures, working for Nat Henshaw, Chandler Jones, and Thao Duong. My two fellow interns and I spend our time finding, researching, and analyzing potential deals, and will soon be working on 2nd quarter valuation reports. Additionally, we observe the day to day activities of the firm, which include fundraising and monitoring the progress of portfolio companies. I have begun to learn the mechanics of venture deals, the natures of various markets, and the art of valuing companies.”


Bennett BrainardBennett Brainard, Princeton University, Politics and Political Theory Major

“This summer I’ve interned at both CEI and at Ardian, a private equity group in NYC. I’ve been trying to experience the many different facets and types of finance jobs, and working at CEI has given me the opportunity to see how this work is done in the non-profit sector. It’s been great to be able to focus on the social impact of the projects that I’ve been looking at and working on, and being back in Maine is wonderful as well.”

Sam KozlowskiSam Kozlowski, University of Maine, Business Finance Major

“I am working the Maine Broadband Coalition to help improve the broadband infrastructure in our state. I have been researching and writing documents that include essential information to bring new members of the coalition up to speed. I am also working with our loan department to find quantitative information about the environmental benefits that have been a result of the triple bottom line platform. The experience has taught me a lot about working in the financial environment. Working at a CDFI has provided me valuable insight to the positive benefits of responsible lending that I will take with me in my career.”

IMG_3570Erin Morris, Economics Major, recent graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“With a degree in Economics, I always figured I’d have to somehow sacrifice my dreams of effecting real change in the world if I wanted to build a challenging career in finance. CEI’s model of socially responsible lending, however, has taught me that that “big bank mentality” is not the only way. I am challenged every day I come into work, and at the end of that day, I get to see the impact we make here, whether it’s through job creation, affordable housing placement, environmental sustainability projects, or microenterprise lending that allows refugees the chance to start anew. I am so proud to be associated with an organization such as this, and am thankful for my time here.”

Andrew SchwartzAndrew Schwartz, University of Vermont, Community Entrepreneurship and Applied Economics Major

“I am currently interning in the venture capital subsidiary of Coastal Enterprises. Along with the other interns, I have been researching and analyzing potential investment/loan deals and have helped refine valuation reports for the valuation committee. At CEI I have had the pleasure of collaborating alongside seasoned CEI employees and learn the ropes of venture capital in a real world setting.”

Paige TullerPaige Tuller, University of New Hampshire, Finance and Business Analytics & Information Systems Major

“As a Finance and Business Analytics major at UNH, I feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity at CEI. Being involved in the analytics of business survivability within CEI’s microlending portfolio, I have a clearer understanding of the financial and strategic planning involved in the development and operation of a small business. In addition, I have gained knowledge and insight into the importance of social responsibility and its impact on our communities. This is a valuable lesson I will carry into all future endeavors.”

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