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December 10, 2014

CEI Releases New Policy Directions for Maine

On December 10, 2014, CEI released new policy directions for Maine, intended to inform the governor, legislators, elected officials and others interested in the future of the Maine economy with the ultimate goal of influencing state policy for the benefit of the communities and people we serve, especially economically distressed communities and people with low incomes.

Despite the loss of manufacturing jobs, the shortage of quality jobs that pay a livable wage, and the slow pace of the recovery from the most recent recession, Maine has considerable assets on which the governor and legislature can capitalize to benefit the state and its citizens over the long run. Value-added products in Maine’s traditional natural resource sectors hold great promise as does using existing resources for renewable energy, biobased products, and tourism opportunities in the eco and cultural markets. Most importantly, Maine’s quality of place, i.e., its cultural and natural landscapes, is an invaluable asset worthy of preservation.

_MG_4920Maine has serious challenges, but challenges create opportunities for fresh thinking and new strategies. How do we create enough quality jobs to employ our young people, enable them to launch careers, buy homes and raise families? How do we meet the needs of the unemployed and underemployed? How do we attract talented young individuals and entrepreneurs to guarantee a future for the state? How do we integrate immigrants, refugees, asylees and foreign-born into our communities and workforce? Take a look at CEI’s recommendations  to address these and other critical questions for our state. Click here: CEI’s 2015 Policy Directions for Maine


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