For social and environmental benefit

CEI and its subsidiaries manage and invest capital raised from accredited individuals, private foundations, financial institutions and public entities who are committed to helping to create economic opportunity and shared prosperity through their investments. Are you interested in impact investing? Please contact us today!

Equity Investments
Investment opportunities in socially responsible venture capital funds.
CONTACT: Nat Henshaw, Managing Director, CEI Ventures, Inc.

Investment Notes
For accredited individual and institutional investors

Private Debt
CEI enters into private debt contracts of $500,000 and over.
CONTACT: David Wedick, CFO, CEI

Solar Investments
Offering for investors who wish to help expand solar energy projects and create good jobs in communities with low incomes.
CONTACT: Niels Zellars, CEO & Jesse McKinnell, COO, Bright Community Capital

Tax Credits
New Markets Tax Credit
A federal income tax credit available for qualifying investments in targeted areas. Other state/federal tax credits may be available.
CONTACT: Tad AtwellExecutive Vice President Lending & Investments, CEI Capital Management

State Historic Tax Credit
CEI works closely with developers in the restoration and rehabilitation of historic properties that align with our mission to create good jobs, environmental sustainability, affordable housing, and shared prosperity.
CONTACT: John Egan, SVP Lending & Investment, CEI

A gift to CEI to support sustainable economic development initiatives. CEI is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by federal law. Donate to CEI now.

Tax Credit for IDA
Maine taxpayers are eligible for tax credits for contributions to Individual Development Account program (matched savings for low-income families).