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Marilyn H. Thomas

Senior Asset and Relationship Manager

About Marilyn

Marilyn Thomas is the Senior Asset and Relationship Manager at CEI Capital Management LLC (CCML), a New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) subsidiary of Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), a Maine-based community development financial institution with a mission to build just, vibrant and climate-resilient futures for people and communities in Maine and rural regions by integrating finance, business expertise and policy solutions in ways that make the economy work more equitably.

As CCML’s Asset and Relationship Manager, Marilyn is responsible for managing a portfolio of NMTC and Maine New Market Capital Investment program investments. She oversees all asset management issues during the underwriting, closing, compliance period, and exit stage. In addition, she negotiates and implements required changes to asset structure during the life cycle of each transaction and provides direct supervision and leadership to other Asset and Relationship Managers. Marilyn is accountable for the attainment of short and long-term financial and operational goals for her line of business.

Marilyn has over 32 years of combined asset and risk management experience, including 11 years with CCML in her current position. She has managed over $1B of assets during her career. She understands NMTC transaction structure and has developed a deep understanding of the complexities of the New Markets Tax Credit and Maine New Market Capital Investment Programs.

Prior to joining CCML, Marilyn worked for over 20 years at several regional and national banks where she had responsibility for the administration of non-performing/non-accrual loans with the goal of returning the loans to performing status or pursuing legal remedies to reduce the exposure to the bank while minimizing losses and maximizing recoveries. Marilyn is proficient at reading legal documents and understanding various legal strategies in dealing with commercial loans, bankruptcies, receiverships, and foreclosures.

Marilyn is a graduate of The Maine Development Foundation’s Leadership Maine Program, an intensive nine-month program that takes professionals outside their day-to-day responsibilities and exposes them to critical issues facing the state. The experience builds leadership skills with the goal of improving lives and shaping our state’s future.


  • Westbrook College, Portland, Maine
Get To Know Marilyn
What is unique about the town you grew up in?

I spent a significant amount of time when I was young at my grandparents’ house near the ocean; learning to navigate a boat, fish, catch crabs, dive for sea clams, and dig for quahogs and soft-shell clams. That time with my grandparents shaped the person I am today and was most memorable.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

The ability to transport back in time to spend time with my relatives who are now deceased, with the benefit of all that I know today.

What was your first job?

I worked at a seafood restaurant as a server. In the middle of summer, I had to climb into a dumpster and dig through piles of seafood trash to look for an elderly woman’s dentures that she thought she had discarded. After a long search she found them in her purse. Lesson, seafood dumpsters in the summer smell very bad, never agree to that assignment, ever.

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