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February 08, 2019

Wilcox Wellness and Fitness

Wilcox Wellness and Fitness opened its doors six years ago in Bangor by husband and wife Mike and Paige Wilcox, with a mission to help people enhance their lives by forming healthful habits that are sustainable for a lifetime.  The business focuses on personal training and living a sustainably healthy lifestyle.

Allison Hopkins worked with Paige for several years in her former career and had an interesting front row seat in watching Wilcox Wellness and Fitness mature into a successful training facility over the years. Allison’s background in molecular biology eventually led her from a lab position to a sales job where she supported science labs throughout New England and managed a team of technical specialists, however, after years in a corporate career, she decided that she wanted to get back to her roots and moved from Central Maine back to the Brunswick area where she grew up.

Watching the Wilcox’s establish a successful business was a huge inspiration for Allison. She dreamed of having meaningful work in her local community. Meanwhile, the Wilcox’s were planning ways to expand the business. They determined that franchising Wilcox Wellness and Fitness was the best path to expand their reach and positive impact into other communities, and their friend Allison was poised to take on the challenge in her new community.

Allison began the process of opening her own Wilcox Wellness and Fitness center in Brunswick, believing that this was work that she could be proud of that would make an impact in the community. As she did a deeper dive into the logistics, she reached out to CEI for help.  “My initial meeting with my business advisor gave me confidence to continue pursuing the business idea,” she said.

After several more meetings with her business advisor, she was able to fine tune her business plan and get her financial spreadsheets in order. The advice she received from her CEI business advisor positioned her to receive the financing she requested.

“This is the scariest thing I’ve ever done. CEI’s help gave me confidence in the numbers. Every time I feel that entrepreneurial dilemma, I go back to the numbers,” she said.

With support from the Bangor flagship through the entire process, Allison is owner to the first Wilcox Wellness and Fitness franchise operation, located in Brunswick, which opened its doors in January 2019. There are two trainers who provide group and individual personal training. The Brunswick business community has been supportive and welcoming.

Allison’s primary focus is on the client experience and supporting each client’s ability to live their life without limitations. “When we’re having a positive effect on the lives of our clients there’s a ripple effect.  Supporting people’s ability to live their life to the absolute fullest, with the energy and confidence to do the things that they love, makes them be happier and more productive.  Helping people be more mindful of health and fitness is a benefit to the whole community.”

Learn more about Wilcox Wellness and Fitness programs.

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