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July 14, 2022

Tubelite Inc.

Located approximately 15 miles east of downtown Dallas, Mesquite is known as a working class area with a renowned rodeo that served as the logistics and distributions hub for some of Dallas’ largest companies. But as more professionals relocated with their families from Dallas, the city’s population boomed, with more than 13.2% population growth since 2000. More recently, the city was cited as a “mega growth” location with approved building permits nearly doubling from 2017 to 2018 and a 30% increase of the average value of a new home in the same period.

Mesquite has several initiatives in place to help ensure that members of the Mesquite community, including significant Hispanic/Latino and Black populations, are not left behind. A key component of these efforts are focused on workforce development in partnership with local schools, colleges and business.

Tubelite Inc. a North American manufacturer of storefront, entrance and curtainwalls used in commercial buildings, is exactly the type of growing business Mesquite is relying on to create quality jobs for its residents.

The company operates several fabrication facilities across the country, including one located in Mesquite, Texas. Tubelite’s Mesquite production had recently relocated to a larger facility and was looking to grow its workforce. Soon after the move, however, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, bringing with it decreased product demand and increased material costs. The timing of events limited the company’s ability to invest in growing its workforce.

“Were are excited to support Tubelite as it creates good jobs for workers in the Mesquite community. We know how manufacturing jobs, particularly those with opportunities for training and advancement, can be important tools for wealth and career building.

Traci Vaine, CCML CEO

As the economic constraints of the pandemic eased, Tubelite looked for ways to fund the additional shifts and support the kind of quality jobs needed to attract workers in a tight labor market. The low interest rate of the New Market Tax Credit incentivized loan provided by CEI Capital, gave the company the flexibility it needed on its balance sheet to create new jobs with living wages and comprehensive benefits, as well as supporting training/career advancement opportunities and outreach through the Texas Workforce Commission and Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas to reach and hire employees from communities with low-incomes.

In addition to all full-time positions earning a living wage at the time of hire (based on MIT’s Living Wage Calculator for Dallas County), Tubelite offers several options for employees to increase their earnings and advance their careers, including a tuition reimbursement program that is available to employees at all levels, leadership/management training programs, and company-paid self-directed training that results in increased pay in relation to the type of training completed. $200,000 of the New Markets loan has been set-aside to support these training and advancement programs.

71% of individuals in Tubelite’s Mesquite workforce identify as a person of color (compared to 37% in the surrounding metropolitan area), and Tubelite works to make sure these employees feel welcomed and supported, including offering trainings in multiple language and access to English language courses for employees who speak languages other than English as their primary language.

Tubelite’s employees are well-positioned to earn good wages and advance their careers, helping them take part in the benefits of Mesquite’s continued growth.

*Unless otherwise noted, all jobs and impact data contained herein is taken directly from the Transactional Level Reports submitted by CCML to the US Treasury’s CDFI Fund. All jobs data is reported by the project Borrower and is not independently verified by CCML.


CEI Capital Management LLC creates and preserves jobs and improves quality of life in rural communities with low incomes by providing access to project capital through the federal New Markets Tax Credit and Maine New Markets Capital Investment Tax Credit programs. Since 2004, CEI Capital Management has placed over $1.02 billion in 96 different projects across the U.S. In addition to fiscal soundness, CEI Capital Management evaluates each project according to its benefit to the local community, economic gain and positive impact on the environment.

CCML is a wholly owned subsidiary of CEI, the Maine-based nonprofit community development financial institution which was among the founders of this important federal economic development program.

CCML is an equal opportunity provider.

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