Investing Globally in Sustainability

Global water resources are under pressure due to dramatic increases in demand and climate change. The World Bank notes that about 700 million people lack access to safe drinking water. That number is expected to rise as water scarcity and sanitation issues plague developing countries.


NativeEnergy develops, structures, and finances impact projects providing investment opportunities that further the sustainability and business goals of its corporate partners. The company’s water filter distribution projects in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, India, and Honduras help prevent waterborne illness, a leading cause of death for young children. Families in these countries have to make a daily choice: use polluting woodstoves, fueled by scarce and expensive charcoal or wood to purify their water, or risk serious disease. NativeEnergy brings private-sector funding to solutions that reduce greenhouse gases and give families sustainable, healthy alternatives.


“CEI is an ideal partner for NativeEnergy. Their long-term view on sustainability and understanding of the impact investing space provides value to our evolving Corporate Impact Investment practice. We look to them not only as a board member but also a business partner.” –Jeff Bernicke, CEO & President of NativeEnergy

With help from CEI’s Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems program, NativeEnergy got a CEI loan that positioned them for a $250,000 investment from CEI Ventures to expand project origination and development capabilities.