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November 12, 2018

Maine Grain Tastemakers Tour

On a hot September day in Bangor, a few dozen investors, educators, business leaders and farmers, hosted by CEI, FocusMaine, and O’Maine Studios, boarded a charter bus for a tour around the state designed to bring attention to Maine’s grain industry. Participants traveled 481 miles over the course of two days to better understand the economic connections and opportunities rural Maine has to offer – from farms to mills, malthouses, breweries, bakeries and food businesses.

Maine Malt House | Mapleton

The Maine Crisp Co.| Waterville
“It’s our responsibility to work with farmers and keep it local. We need to embrace and support entrepreneurs.”
-Steve Getz, co-owner

Aurora Mills & Farm | Linneus

University of Maine at Presque Isle, Sustainable Agriculture concentration

Maine Grains | Skowhegan
“Our attitude shifted from, ‘Can we grow grains?’ to ‘How do we reinvigorate this industry?'”
-Amber Lambke, owner
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Bigelow Brewing | Skowhegan
“I really believe that when you buy local, you’re helping your whole community.”
-Pam Powers, co-owner

Blue Ox Malthouse | Lisbon Falls
“Maine has the potential to supply the entire east coast with locally produced grain.”
-Joel Alex, owner
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Aroostook Hops | Westfield

Watch the video recap here!

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Kingfield Kinder Care

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Maine Ocean Farms 

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