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November 28, 2019

Guru Vintage + Modern

A graduate of fashion merchandising and management at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Kristan Green dreamed of opening a brick and mortar fashion storefront for nearly a decade. Life changes following school put the idea on pause for a while, but in the interim, Kristan began building up a robust online presence for her brand, Guru Vintage + Modern.

Starting as an Etsy shop, Guru Vintage + Modern focused on vintage clothing from the 1930s-1970s, the latter era being, in Kristan’s words, her true love. The rise of social media shopping and declining availability of clothing from earlier decades led Kristan to transition her shop to Instagram and shift her focus to the 1980s and 90s, which was easier for her shoppers to fold into their current wardrobes. With a dedicated customer base and a clear plan forward, Kristan was ready to make the storefront leap.

But the leap from a virtual shop to a physical one isn’t easy and Kristan had a lot of questions – could she afford the ongoing rent and overhead of a storefront? Would she need a loan to make it happen? Could she leave her day job and dedicate herself to the shop full time? When a friend recommended CEI, Kristan reached out to the Women’s Business Center. Over the course of several appointments, her advisor walked her through financials and projections, helped her come up with a sustainable pricing plan for her goods and determined what income would be necessary to support her full time.

“I’m more of a right brain person, so it was helpful to have everything written out and walked through step-by-step,” Kristan recalled. She had the answers to her initial questions: she could afford the rent on a storefront and rather than taking a loan and she would be better served using personal resources to fund the startup. She described as a notable lack of pressure to borrow money from CEI, an organization that also makes business loans. As for that last question, “Could she focus on Guru full time?” The answer was, “not yet”, something this passionate entrepreneur sees as a challenge rather than a downside.

Guru Vintage + Modern opened in downtown Bath in the summer of 2019, and it’d be hard to find a more literal brick and mortar shop. The carefully curated collection is displayed in a stylish apartment-like environment to encourage shoppers to explore each piece and make a connection prior to purchase, something Kristan hopes will encourage people to shift their shopping habits to something more environmentally-friendly.

“Fast fashion has conditioned us to disposability. I researched a lot of ethical and sustainable new brands for inclusion in the store, but we don’t need new clothes – there are so many clothes out there already. I love what I do and I get to do the legwork for others. These are clothes that have lasted 25 years and that have another 25 years left in them.”

Kristan Green, Owner, Vintage Guru + Modern

Having just finished the third month in her storefront, Kristan is excited to see what a full year in the location will bring, as she continues to work to bring environmental sustainability to the fashion industry and economic sustainability to her business.

Learn More About Guru Vintage + Modern

Website: https://guruvintagemodern.com/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/guruvintagemodern Instagram: @GuruVintageModern

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