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July 13, 2023

Baby Booty 

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, Molly Brubaker faced an uncertain future with her baby on the way. From that moment on, she dedicated herself to being a terrific mother and following her passion for fitness and movement. These two pillars of her life soon overlapped into an idea; one which has now taken a central role in her life. This idea was a gym that provided classes for parents to not only work out, but also have a community to share their struggles with parenthood. Soon, ideas became action and Baby Booty was born, which provides a space for parents, especially new moms, to bring their young children and not only get in a superb workout, but also some time to reflect with peers on the challenges they face.  

Here is Baby Booty’s story in Molly’s words:

What is Baby Booty: A new type of fitness

I started Baby Booty in June of 2021 when my daughter was four months old, and I was simply looking to create a workout class where you can bring your child. Then I realized that the reason why people were coming was not fully for the workout, but for the social part as well. And I’ve done some surveys over the past two years to find out why people come to class? Why do they keep coming back? And hands down, they’re coming for the social part. So they get in a workout and sometimes I kick their butt. But really, it’s to meet other moms. It’s to ask questions, get support, as well as feel like you have a place where you can be vulnerable and not be judged. I think that’s really important and feeling like you belong, you say who you are, who your kids are and where you live, that’s been cool to connect people who live in the same neighborhoods. So, we try to have a different question each class for getting the conversation going, and every instructor leads the circle a little bit differently, kind of whatever they feel comfortable with in terms of sharing their own personal struggles, which we try to do to be real. We’re all going through the same stuff, so the community aspect has just happened naturally.

How Baby Booty came to be: Molly’s Backstory

I’m originally from Massachusetts and I don’t stop moving my body, and I always had a leader mentality, so I feel like it kind of came naturally that I would teach and lead new parents.

I went to college at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I loved the school spirit, loved the sports, and I always knew I’d become a mom, but I didn’t know when. We [Molly and her husband] moved up to Maine in 2019 and I knew in my gut I was going to be an entrepreneur, but I didn’t know how or when or why.

I did try to think of different businesses. When I lived in Boston, I always had side hustles. I Airbnb’d my apartment. I had a dog walking business. I tried driving for Lyft for like a day and that wasn’t for me. I sold stuff online. So, I did a little bit of everything, and then this idea just kind of came to me by being up here in Maine and wanting to work out while having a new baby. [I thought of] creating a class and then realized that there was a need for it. So, it’s really just snowballed over the past two years into what it is today.

A Teammate and a Mentor: Where CEI fits into Molly’s story

I saw on Instagram something about the CEI Women’s Business Center and I clicked on it. I was like, what is this?

Then I saw they had free counseling or career coaching; I reached out and got connected with Ruth Feldman. We just bonded right off the bat. She reminded me of my mom, she would just kind of like call me out on things and she was also very encouraging. She’s really helped with the steps, like first do this, then do this.

Also, CEI has helped as I was able to get a loan to be able to open this business. They really just broke it down for me. Like, first you need to do like these specific spreadsheets. You need to write this business plan and you need to have an accountant, like you need to have all your ducks in a row. So that definitely helped because building that foundation before you can go after the big goal is key.

A Sense of Satisfaction: the triumphs of a small business owner

One of the coolest things for me to see is one of our instructors, Alexa, was somebody I met in a support group when I had just started the business. I had taught one class and we met and connected, and she was really struggling with her mental health. Then she started coming to class and I could see how it was really helping her and then she approached me and said, I think I want to teach.

So, she was the first instructor I hired in Maine and she’s amazing. Her classes are so fun. To see like her progression kind of gives me chills because I’m like, I saw you in your darkest time and you’ve like come out of them and you’re showing these new moms that it’s okay to struggle and keep coming and being part of this community and lean on each other.

After two years, I just started paying myself a little bit of money in June for the first time. I haven’t taken a dime from this business. Something that Ruth has said to me one time was, if you’re not paying yourself, it’s just a hobby.

So I can’t say there’s one particular triumph. I think every few months there’s like one big thing that stands out.

A Word to the Wise: A final piece of advice to an aspiring business owner

Trust your gut. Trust yourself that you’ll figure it out. Because you really can’t rely on anybody else. Just keep on chugging.

Learn more about Baby Booty here:

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