Investing in People and Places

CEI’s manages over $247 million of capital raised from private foundations, financial institutions and public entities who have embraced CEI’s holistic community development finance strategies.

CEI’s business model encompasses “the triple bottom line” – economy, equity and ecology. We try to bring these three disciplines to bear on our underwriting methodology so that a social investment in us generates financial, social and environmental returns.

Here are ways you can invest in community development with CEI:

Make a loan: A below-market loan to CEI is pooled with other funds for targeted relending to small businesses, social services and affordable housing projects. Earnings above costs support the fund.

Donations: A gift to CEI to support sustainable economic development initiatives. CEI is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by federal law. Donate to CEI now.

Equity: CEI currently manages two venture capital subsidiaries and is planning for ongoing equity funds. Information is available on portfolio performance to date and plans for new venture funds.

Investment Notes: CEI Investment Notes are a way for you to invest in your community, to help others, and to reap social, environmental and economic benefits.

New Markets Tax Credit: A federal income tax credit of up to 39% over 7 years is available for qualifying investments in targeted areas. Other state/federal tax credits may be available.

Tax Credit for IDA: Maine taxpayers are eligible for tax credits for contributions to Individual Development Account program (matched savings for low-income families).