Fueling the Economy

CEI Renewable Energy Graph Sept14CEI’s $128MM Platform for Sustainable Lending and Investing calls for sector-specific targeting to best support rural economies. This approach enables CEI’s staff members to understand an industry and develop expertise in relevant areas such as regulations, taxation, supply and demand, and consumer preferences. Our renewable energy focus reflects a commitment to raising and deploying capital for opportunity and change.

Our expertise in renewable financing and lending extends to a wide range of projects including solar, biomass, anaerobic digestion, hydropower, marine turbine, retail electricity, compost and energy services companies. We strive to keep our projects diverse and look for new trends and innovation within the renewable sector. We work with both start-ups and established businesses, providing financing and business counseling for renewable energy companies at any stage of growth. Typically we support energy and environmental businesses that:

  • Demonstrate market promise
  • Offer skilled employment
  • Provide environmental benefit/mitigate climate change
  • Diversify energy choices
  • Make people/communities/regions economically resilient

For more information, contact John Egan, Lending john.egan@ceimaine.org.

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