You Need A Budget: A Technical Crash-Course

In this 90 minute workshop, you’ll learn:

  • What is You Need a Budget (YNAB) and how to know if it’s the right budgeting tool for you
  • How to get started using YNAB
  • How to budget your money the YNAB way
  • What to do, when, and how often to make sure it sticks
  • How to make a separate budget for your business

You’ll leave with:

– A recording of the presentation for future reference

– Links to download PDFs of suggested budget categories for both your personal and business budgets


Recommended but optional:

– Bring a laptop and work on your budget as we go along

– Sign up for a free trial of YNAB ahead of time

– Read about YNAB to decide if this tool feels like a good fit for how you work


This workshop is ideal for new users to YNAB (or those who signed up for a trial but then got lost), but will also have benefits for existing users who want to learn how to make sure their foundations are solid.


Lynne Somerman is a financial coach specializing in working with the self-employed. She’s been using YNAB since it was a complex spreadsheet being hawked in Reddit forums (about 13 years) and has been teaching it to others for most of that time.