Telling Impactful Stories Workshop

Telling Impactful Stories Workshop for Women – Sponsored by The Women’s Business Center at CEI

Stories conjure our humanness, foster connection, and compel us. At the very essence of all our work, there are stories. From messaging about our business to requesting support, promoting a product, motivating a team, or telling who we are now and where we are headed during times of transition, we are telling stories every day.

Yet what makes a story engaging? What makes someone want to listen? What makes our message really land? What makes us memorable?

In this interactive and engaging workshop we will determine the stories we want to tell, learn and utilize techniques that help us effectively convey our story, practice telling engaging stories, and learn from one another what is effective in our storytelling.

Participants Will Come Away With:

  •   Practical techniques involved in telling a story well
  •   Practice developing, delivering, and incorporating feedback on a story of their choice
  •   Enhanced appreciation of the importance of sharing our stories with one another to foster understanding, camaraderie, and engagement in our work

This Workshop is for You:

This workshop would be of benefit to you if you would like to:

  • Improve your ability to effectively convey a message through stories
  • Connect with and delve into the story of your work
  • Dedicate an afternoon to exploring how stories can support you, your team, and your mission in the work you do

Workshop Facilitator: 

The workshop will be facilitated by Leigh Tillman.  Leigh works with groups facilitating decision-making, group processes, and training. Her work focuses on:

  • Helping people hear one another to find common ground so that groups can make realistic, tangible, innovative, and informed decisions
  • Supporting organizations in the ever-unfolding element of team engagement and collaboration
  • Offering facilitative trainings from Telling Impactful Stories to Conflict Transformation in the Workplace

As a female entrepreneur herself, Leigh is excited to team up with The Women’s Business Center at CEI to offer this storytelling workshop experience for women in their business lives. Please feel free to visit Leigh’s website to learn more about her work and her approach:leightillmanfacilitation.wordpress.com.