Social Media Basics for Small Business Owners

Do you want to set your small business up for success on social media? In this workshop we’ll talk about how to define your goals, determine which social media channels are best for your business, and understand how to reach your target audience. We’ll also discuss what type of content you should be sharing, which metrics you should be tracking, as well as what, where, and when to be posting.

*Attendees should have an existing business page on at least one social media platform prior to registering. This workshop will not cover how to set up your social media pages.

This workshop will be taught by Caseylin Darcy, Owner of Goodlux Media. Caseylin is a marketing consultant, social media expert, and Squarespace web designer living in Portland, Maine. She has clients all over the world and enjoys offering people — and their businesses — the tools to succeed in the fast-paced digital world!