October First Friday Biz Fit

Every first Friday of the month, join us for a casual meet-up with other businesswomen and aspiring female entrepreneurs (virtual). Bring your tea, coffee, or smoothie and join the conversation.

  • Informal conversation
  • Networking
  • Inspiration
  • Support

On October 1st our topic is rest and self-care for yourself. Are you exhausted: physically…mentally…emotionally?  Are you giving yourself permission to rest?  Do you have any restorative practices that you are currently doing, or some you’d like to return to?

Join us to experience a 20 minute guided meditation then have a dialogue about rest and self-care.

No experience or tools needed; if you have a comfortable seat or yoga mat or rug (or grass!), you’re prepared!

The meditation will be offered by Hester Kohl Brooks who is a Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra Facilitator for women.  There is no effort, no bending, no stretching in Yoga Nidra, just lie down (or sit) and listen and relax.  All you need is a comfy, quiet place to lie down (or sit).  To learn more about Yoga Nidra visit:https://www.hesterkohlwellness.com/yoga-nidra

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