Tech for everyone should be made by everyone.

Female entrepreneurs continue to face unique challenges in starting and growing businesses and these challenges are amplified in the technology sector. That’s why we created Propeller. Our goal is to help creative, problem-solving women to develop tech-based businesses and form a network that supports the participation of women in technology.

During this hands-on, online 6-week startup program, participants will receive guidance on their ideas as well as round-the-clock support from the program facilitators. After the program, participants will become part of a growing community of other exceptional alumnae in Maine who can help them to build their business. In guiding the development of their own start-up projects, we seek to provide aspiring female entrepreneurs with an introduction to customer research and product development.

Facilitators: Anna Ackerman (CEI Women’s Business Center Program Developer) and Nick Rimsa (Waterville-based software designer)

Qualifications: Participants do not need any specific experience or expertise to participate in Propeller.

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