Peer Networking Groups, Invitation Only

The Women’s Business Center at CEI and the Portland SCORE Chapter are hosting a series peer groups for female entrepreneurs.  This is an invitation only event.*  

How does it work? A group of smart, savvy, female solopreneurs meet every 3 weeks for a total of six sessions to tackle challenges and problems together. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections and experiences and do business with each other if/when appropriate.

Each session will include a focus on personal development, as well as an opportunity to share business challenges and brainstorm solutions. The peer group will be source of support, referrals and networking as you discuss common business challenges. The focus is on personal development that will impact your business growth for 2015.

Who facilitates?

The sessions will be facilitated by Leigh Tillman.  Leigh works with groups facilitating decision-making, group processes, and training. Her work focuses on:

  • Helping people hear one another to find common ground so that groups can make realistic, tangible, innovative, and informed decisions
  • Supporting organizations in the ever-unfolding element of team engagement and collaboration
  • Offering facilitative trainings from Telling Impactful Stories to Conflict Transformation in the Workplace

As a female entrepreneur herself, Leigh is excited to team up with CEI and SCORE to offer what we expect will prove to be a unique, rewarding, and candidly helpful series for all participants. You can learn more about her at leightillmanfacilitation.wordpress.com

*Why is it invitation only?

This is our first attempt at this model of peer group.  While we’ve put great consideration into the idea, and are confident it will be useful, we’re considering this a pilot.  Much like we’d advise our clients, we’re taking a “small bet” and testing the waters.  If you’re interested in participating in a future peer group, please email Sarah Guerette at the Women’s Business Center at CEI to learn about upcoming groups.


Tuesday February 24th; Wednesday March 18th; Tuesday April 7th; Tuesday April 28th; Wednesday May 20th, Tuesday June 9th.  11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Upon registering, you are expected to make an effort to attend each of the six sessions.


Coffee by Design at 1 Diamond Street in Portland

What does it cost?

Generally we’ll charge $149 for the series. We’re offering the pilot at a discount: $89 for the series.  That’s a $60 discount!

What else?

We’ve invited, for this first round, women who we consider to be in non-competing sectors.  Requirements include: sales, a website, and a desire to grow your business.  We aim to have 8 participants in this first round.