From Panic to Peace: Making a Budget That Works For Your Life

In this workshop, we’ll learn how to make a budget that finally works – even if your income is unpredictable, you’re in debt, your situation is in flux, or all of the above – by using a zero-based budget. We’ll also discuss how to figure out how much to pay yourself and how to know if you can afford to make an investment in your business (like hiring an employee or giving yourself a raise). You’ll come away with tips and tricks, as well as tools and resources, to make budgeting finally work for you.

This workshop is ideal for service-based or creative businesses.

Workshop Presenter

Lynne Somerman is the owner of The Wiser Miser, where she helps small business owners and families stop worrying about money. She teaches folks tools to soothe their cash flow anxiety, make budgets that fit their lives, and use the numbers to finally answer questions like “how much can I afford to pay myself?” and “how do I know if I can afford to make an investment in my business, such as hiring an employee?”