Panel Event: The Role of Technology in Small Business Growth

Please join us for an exciting panel discussion on the evening of January 28! Our all-star panelists will address some of the most important questions and topics surrounding technology and how small businesses can leverage it for growth.

Our Panelists:

  • Misty McLaughlin
  • Sam Mateosian
  • Sarah Hines
  • Elliot Murphy
  • Moderator, Karin Gregory

Topics of discussion may include:

  • -How technology and software can positively impact SMBs
  • -Specific examples of technology or software do and will positively impact SMBs
  • -Tech trends (for 2016) and how they impact businesses
  • -Efficiencies that can be gained through the use of technology & software
  • -The biggest risks that SMBs take when it comes to technology
  • -What the future holds for technology and SMBs
  • -Technology that drives business growth vs. technology that supports business growth

…and much more!

We’ll kick things off with refreshments and networking at 5:30 pm at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (parking is available!). The panel discussion will begin at 5:45 and run for about an hour, followed by some Q & A with the panelists.

Please make sure to register below- spaces are limited!