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Next Level Vision: What do you want your brand to look and feel like?

Next Level Vision is a series of virtual vision board workshops designed to help you create the business and life you desire. Facilitator Mallika Malhotra will guide you through a creative, thought-provoking experience that will give you and a group of peers space to dream and permission to think big.

Each workshop will take place over 2 days. The first day will be a 1.5-hour “design day” where we’ll be in creation mode. The second day will be a 1-hour “dream and declare” meeting to share insights and verbalize your vision.  A kit of materials and directions will be mailed to each participant, so you can create your own personal vision board for each workshop. 


Our November workshop will help you to design the look and feel of your brand. What style or vibe do you want your brand to be known for?


What is a vision board? 

A vision board is a powerful visual tool that helps you envision your goals. It’s a collection of images, words, quotes and symbols that have special meaning to you and represent your aspirations. The board will serve as an inspirational reminder of what you hope to achieve, especially if your business experiences setbacks down the road. The creative process of designing a vision board acts as a catalyst to unleashing your big dreams and setting the vision into motion. 

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