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Mind Your Own Business: A 28-Day Business Plan Challenge in February

Is the idea of preparing a business plan overwhelming? Whether you’ve been in business for years, or are imagining starting your own business, a plan can serve as your compass. It can help you to tell your story, to articulate your goals, and to design the actions that will help you get there. We will approach this in a low pressure, creative manner through prompts and responses to get the juices flowing. In 28 days you’ll have articulated the ideas that will help you move further towards a full-fledged plan.

This 28-day challenge will begin on Monday, February 1 at 4pm with a kick-off Zoom call where you will meet a group of others engaged in the same challenge.

You’ll receive 2 prompts per week delivered to your inbox during the month of February. Your responses, in words or visuals, will provide the basic framework for your business plan.

In addition to weekly prompts, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of 1:1 office hours with WBC business advisor Ruth Feldman to refine pieces of your business plan.

On March 1, we’ll meet up to share ideas, challenges, and inspirations – and congratulate ourselves for taking the important first step in business planning. We’ll celebrate being 100% closer than you’ve ever been to having a developed business plan!

Register today.