Legal Issues in Design and Website Development: Tips for Professionals and the Business Owners Who Hire Them


This workshop with Opticliff Law, LLC will survey legal issues that should be understood by graphic designers, website developers and custom software developers as well as the small business owners who hire them. In an interactive presentation format, we’ll answer the questions below and more. Attendees will walk away with useful legal checklists to keep and consult in the future.

Intellectual property foundation concepts

  • What types of intellectual property cover a website or software?
  • Between the developer and her client, who should own what I.P.?
  • How should contracts deal with I.P.?

Keeping the developer-client relationship happy

  • How to design a relationship that ensures business owners get what they paid for and the developer or designer gets paid promptly and fairly
  • Defining the scope of the designer or developer’s work
  • Keeping the project on budget and on deadline
  • Checklist: Must-have clauses to include in each development or design contract

Privacy policies & privacy law

  • What are the key privacy laws that address websites and software?
  • Who needs privacy policies, and how do we write them?

This workshop will be presented by Opticliff Law’s Adam Nyhan, Esq.

Location: This workshop will be held in the 2nd floor conference room of the Marine Trade Center, at 2 Portland Fish Pier, where CEI’s Portland office is located.