Contract Law Basics For Small Business: A Workshop With Opticliff Law

This workshop addresses common questions and issues business owners have about contracts. You will discuss questions such as:

  • When and why should I use contracts? What happens if I don’t use a contract?
  • How can a company with a small legal budget prepare contracts in a cost-effective way?
  • What should freelancers (and the companies that hire them) know about intellectual property?
  • How can contracts help me reduce business risks and future legal costs?
  • Is it okay to just sign contracts that another company asks me to sign, or should I have my own standard contract that I ask others to sign?
  • What are the key issues (terms) that should appear in my contracts?
  • What are the rules about selling to minors?
  • What should I know about website Terms of Use agreements?

This workshop will be presented by Adam Nyhan, Esq., Opticliff Law, LLC.

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