Legal Considerations When Starting A Business: A Workshop With Opticliff Law


This workshop is designed to address key legal issues to consider for small business owners. You will discuss questions such as

  • When is it time to incorporate rather than do business under my own name?
  • Should I be an LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship, or a corporation?
  • If I do business in multiple states (or hope to later), should I incorporate in Maine or elsewhere?
  • If I’m a software or tech company, do I really need to incorporate in Delaware, as I keep hearing I should?
  • What if I am doing business with one or more partners?
  • What should I know about choosing a partner or co-founder?
  • Since I don’t have cash flow yet, is it okay to staff my business by using contractors/freelancers rather than employees?
  • (Time permitting) Naming your company & trademark basics: When and how should I be thinking about making sure there’s not another company already using the name I picked for my business, and how can I “claim” that name so others can’t use it?

There will be a 45 minute Q & A session following the workshop presentation by attorney Ezekiel Callanan of Opticliff Law.

Opticliff Law, LLC is a Portland-based law firm for people starting or growing their business(es), with a focus on trademarks, business transactions, contracts, securities exemption and other legal matters for startups.

When: Tuesday, November 29, 9:00-10:30am

Where: Portland Public Library, Meeting Room 4

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic CEI offices are closed to the public. CEI staff will be working remotely and want to hear from you! Please reach out to your CEI contact regarding scheduled meetings and/or any questions/concerns. Click here for a list of COVID-19 Business Resources.