Legal Considerations When Starting A Business: A Workshop With Opticliff Law

This workshop and Q&A session will address common issues entrepreneurs face when starting a business. You will discuss questions such as:

  • When is it time to incorporate, rather than do business under my own name?
  • Should I form an LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship, or a corporation?
  • If I do business in multiple states (or hope to later), should I incorporate in Maine or elsewhere?
  • How do my early decisions about company formation affect my ability to attract investors later?
  • Does my tech company really need to incorporate in Delaware, or is Maine ok?
  • How should business partners divide up duties and rights?
  • What should I know about choosing a partner or co-founder?
  • If I don’t have cash flow yet, is it okay to staff my business by using contractors/freelancers rather than employees?

This workshop and Q &A session will be presented by Zeke Callanan, Esq. of Opticliff Law.