Instagram for Small Businesses

More and more, Instagram is becoming the preferred social media platform for businesses both large and small. With a strong presence and strategy on Instagram, businesses can gain organic visibility, fantastic engagement with customers, and visually showcase their brand content in stunning ways. In this class, we’ll learn how to optimize your Instagram profile to create more followers, how to craft your branded message, learn how to use hashtags to increase brand awareness, strategize effective times to post, and develop a content strategy so you know what to share and what to say.

*Attendees should have an existing business profile on Instagram prior to registering. This workshop will not cover how to set up your account.

Caseylin Darcy is a Brand Coach and Strategist living in Portland, Maine. Caseylin works with clients and brands all over the world and enjoys offering them effective business strategies to ignite growth and elevate impact. You can find her on Instagram @caseylindarcy or www.caseylindarcy.com