Financial Training Program (April 2019 start)

Our Financial Training Program includes a series of workshops, resources, and individual advising sessions that are designed to provide clients with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve financial success. Clients will create personal financial goals with a WBC advisor, meet with our Certified Credit Counselor to review your report and establish an action plan to help build your credit, and attend workshops related to budgeting, tax preparation, and business financing that are designed to help you achieve your goals.

Once you’ve registered for the Financial Training Program a WBC advisor will contact you to schedule your initial goal-setting meeting.

Please note that if you do not wish to participate in the Financial Training Program clients may also register for individual workshops via the links below.

The following workshops are included in the Financial Training Program:

4/23/19 Making Your Business Profitable Webinar: If you’ve struggled with wondering how much to invest in your business, how much to pay yourself, or how much to set aside for taxes, come learn this simple system (no new tools required) and get started right away.

5/9/19  Venture Investment Readiness Awareness Levels (VIRAL) Framework: Maine Technology Institute (MTI) has adopted the VIRAL Framework as a self-assessment tool for entrepreneurs seeking funding. VIRAL asses what an entrepreneur needs to do to get to their next level of growth, and indicates how much MTI funding they qualify for.

5/14/19  Boss Your Money: Managing Your Budget for Small Biz Success: During this 90 minute workshop will talk about how to budget your money without breaking into a cold sweat, identify apps and tools that can make budgeting simple (and effective), discuss proven methods for prioritizing savings, debts, bills, and regular life stuff (like – having fun while you’re young!), and cover tips on making long term habit and behavior change, so that you’re not back at square one in a few months.

5/21/19  Small Business Lending 101: This workshop will help you identify if and when you should consider a small business loan. We’ll talk about what it means to be a qualified loan candidate, cover the five C’s of credit and outline the steps you can take to prepare and secure a loan.

6/13/19 Tax Preparation for LLCs: In this workshop we will address some of the common tax preparation questions that arise for LLCs that are taxed as disregarded entities, partnerships, and S-corporations.

6/18/19  You Need A Budget: Technical Crash Course: In this 90 minute workshop, you’ll learn what You Need a Budget (YNAB) is, and how to know if it’s the right budgeting tool for you. We’ll go over how to get started using YNAB as a budgeting tool, how to budget your money and how often, and how to make a separate budget for your business.