Digital Speed Sessions With Mill Cove Partners

Please join us on Wednesday, May 30 between 9am-2pm for a free digital audit with Mill Cove Partners! Clients will sign up to meet with the Mill Cove team for a hands-on, rapid fire website optimization session.

Sessions include some of all of the following (as time allows):

-Review of your current website for SEO, user experience, mobile responsiveness…

-Tactics to increase traffic and conversions that fit your business.

-Answers to questions about specific aspects of digital marketing.

-How to improve your digital strategy — do you have a strategy?

-Creative brainstorming to help you solve specific marketing challenges.

-Real-world actions you can take right away to start amplifying your online presence, build traffic, and increase sales.

To sign up for a session with Mill Cove Partners please reserve a time slot on our sign-up sheet here. Time slots are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis. Please be careful not to delete a session that has already been reserved by someone else.