Design Strategy: Creating Your Brand Experience

Please Note: This workshop will be postponed due to weather if Portland schools are cancelled on Thursday, 1/4. Please be sure to check your local listings. Please also note that the location of this workshop has changed and will be held at the Marine Trade Center. Location and parking information is below. 

How should you look, feel, speak, and interact in order to create your defined brand experience for customers?

Great, now you can tell people the kind of company you are and the brand you want to build. But how do you translate that into tangible designed items, collateral and communications? How do you brief designers and know if specific applications are ‘on-brand’?

In this workshop: Translate your Brand Strategy into aesthetic and stylistic terms. Understand visually and tonally what creative executions are right for your brand. Workshop your current branded items, and receive feedback and suggestions for honing them.

Takeaways: Attendees will receive feedback on current creative expressions, and receive a look & feel checklist for your brand. Attendees should bring current brand materials if you wish to receive feedback.

This workshop will be taught by Kate Howe, Founder of Better Yet Studio. Kate is an award-winning designer, and brand and marketing strategist. Previously Head of Graphic Design for the NYC Dept. of Design & Construction, she has over 15 years of experience developing brands and designing multi-channel marketing campaigns, for the corporate, startup, not-profit, and public sectors. Kate Holds an MFA from Yale University, and has been published in the New York Times. Honors include the SEGD Sylvia Harris Public Service Award.


Location and Parking:

The workshop will be held at the Marine Trade Center building, in the 2nd floor conference room, located at 2 Portland Fish Pier. This is the building that CEI’s Portland office is located in. The conference room is situated at the end of the long hallway once you come off the elevator or up the stairs.

Parking: There is a visitor parking lot next to the building- the spaces directly against the wall of the building are 30 minute spots. The spaces on the opposite side of the lot are 2 hr spots, and the spaces in the drive-up circle are 3 hr visitor spaces.