Contracts and Intellectual Property: What Business Owners Really Need to Know

This workshop with Opticliff Law, LLC will address common questions that business owners have about two issues that affect companies of all sizes, in all industries: contracts and intellectual property. In an interactive presentation format, we’ll answer questions like those below. You’ll walk away with useful legal checklists to consult in the future.


  • When do I need to use a written contract, versus trusting a handshake deal?
  • What ten provisions should I insist on including in every contract I sign?
  • How can a company with a small legal budget prepare contracts in a cost-effective way?
  • What are the rules about selling products to minors?
  • What should I know about website Terms of Use?
  • What do I need to know about hiring independent contractors?

Intellectual property

  • What is the difference between a patent, copyright and trademark?
  • Naming your company & trademark basics: When and how should I think about ensuring there aren’t other companies already using the name I picked for my business, and how can I “claim” that name so others can’t use it?
  • How do I do a trademark name search?

This workshop and Q & A session will be presented by Opticliff Law’s Andrew Kraus, Esq. and Adam Nyhan, Esq.

Workshop Location: Think Tank, Pepperell Center, 40 Main St.,Biddeford, ME 04005