Central Maine Women Business Owners Networking Event

Event Phone: (207) 778-6529

Central Maine Women Business Owners Peer Networking Event.  Learn how to take your business to the next level through marketing, business planning, access to capital, resources, social media and more.

Focused discussion: “ Supercharge Your Business with Your Top Character Strengths”  -Laurie Curtis of CurtisEase

You are likely to be most successful when you become aware of your signature strengths, explore possible ways of reflecting them in your business and mindfully implement them.  Laurie will be referring to the Character Strength Survey which lists 24 character strengths and shows those you tend to use most readily and naturally at the top. They offer a basis on which to build your business.

Please take a few minutes before the meeting to complete the survey and bring the results with you, so we can discuss how to implement them in your business.  http://LaurieCurtis.pro.viasurvey.org

Contact Betty Gensel for more details:  betty.gensel@ceimaine.org or (207) 778-6529.