Building a Values-Based Approach to Marketing

You founded your business because you believed strongly in something. Did you know that this belief, or core purpose, or “why” can become the foundation of your marketing strategy? And in fact, that you will distinguish yourself from the competition and gain focus in the process? In this workshop we will explore the foundations of this approach to marketing, commonly referred to as values-based marketing.

Together we will clear the space and time to connect to this “why” at the heart of your work, begin drafts of your core values, and workshop them with peers and small groups. You’ll come away with a working draft of the foundation of a values-based messaging strategy (your “Why” and core values) and an understanding of how this can be used as a tool to ground marketing and business decisions.

This workshop will be taught by Leah Hurley, Owner of Craft.  Leah is a communications strategist and coach with a focus on social impact. She helps clients get clear on what matters to them and build tools and strategies to share that with the world. She has appeared on Greenlight Maine as a judge and mentor, and serves as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Women’s Business Center at CEI.

Location: This workshop will be held in the 2nd floor conference room of the Marine Trade Center, at 2 Portland Fish Pier, where CEI’s Portland office is located.