Bringing Your Brand to Life

How should you look, feel, speak, and interact in order to create your defined brand experience for customers?

Great, now you can tell people the kind of company you are and the brand you want to build. But how do you translate that into tangible customer experience – your products, spaces, collateral and communications? How do you brief designers and know if specific applications are ‘on-brand’? How do you create an extra ‘wow’ to really make you stand out in customers’ minds?

In this session: Translate your Brand Strategy into aesthetic and stylistic terms. Understand visually and tonally what creative executions are right for your brand. Use a Customer Journey tool to identify opportunities to bring your brand to life in a 360 degree experience.

Takeaways: Attendees will develop a set of high-impact ideas for creating your brand experience, as well as a Look & Feel checklist for your brand.