September Biz Fit – Designing, Launching, Growing your business (with baby)

Molly Brubaker, founder of Baby Booty Workout and mom to baby Ella, will join us for a discussion about finding your tribe, filling a gap, and building a business.

Any business owner knows that running a business IS a workout in many ways. Molly’s business became a parent and baby workout program and community. What’s YOUR business and what niche do you fill? There is no magic, yet we are all magnificent in supporting one another as we figure out the business journey.

Let’s use Molly’s story as a jumping off point for conversation centered around:

· How did your business idea take shape?

· What was your early customer response? How did you know you were onto something?

· Surprises, successes, challenges (We all have them!)

· Life as a (mom and a) business owner – making time to care for your business and yourself

· What’s next?

Bring your questions and share over a morning cuppa!