Better Records, Better Business

A Workshop With The Women’s Business Center at CEI and Brainstorm Academy

This workshop is designed to address accounting related record-keeping guidelines for small business owners.

Creating and maintaining thorough business records is essential. These records will help you analyze your business’s profitability, stay out of trouble with tax authorities, maintain positive relationships with clients and vendors, and protect your business from lawsuits. For the most part, you can choose any record keeping system that works for you. However, laws and best practices require/suggest specific methods of record keeping and lengths of time to keep different types of records.

We will address several questions asked by small business owners, including:

  1. Accounting and Tax Records: How do I keep track of my income and expenses? How long do I keep records?
  2. Why is record keeping so important? Financial statements and financing.
  3. Payroll- Do I need employees? What do I need to know about payroll and payroll taxes?
  4. Paying Taxes- How do I pay taxes? What are estimated payments? Sales Tax?
  5. Do I need an accountant and/or bookkeeper?

There will be a 45 minute Q&A following the workshop presentation by Jennene Hobson of Hobson and Company.

Brainstorm Academy is based in Biddeford, Maine at North Dam Mill in the Pepperell Mill Campus. We provide workshops on business fundamentals, accounting technology and business productivity apps/software for business owners, bookkeepers, and anyone thinking of starting a business.